Every amateur or professional who likes to play music together, is invited to join the second Monday evening between 19.30 and 21.30 hours in the Plantage, Smitsweg 311 in Soest.


The organisation will manage the evening based on the inscriptions and type of instruments.

Inscriptions via: info@makemusictogether.nl.   

Improvisation is because the differents of instruments and musical knowledge very important

Everyone must have the opportunity to make music and play together.


Sponsoring & Support

The project “Make Music Together” is sponsored by:







          Municipality of Soest             Stichting Balans                  Volunteers from Soest





During 2016, Soesterberg hosted more then 1.000 refugees in the AZC and Kamp of Zeist. The project Make Music Together invited any amateur or professional to make music together.


Now the camp is closed, the project continues in The Plantage, Smitsweg 311 in Soest.


Citizens who like to make music, sing or dance are invited to join. A very special project to learn each other by playing music. As you know: “Music makes the world go round”


Do you like to join? Just let us know via the e-mail below

Send a mail to: info@makemusictogether.nl





Organisation          :   “Make Music Together”


Website                   : www.makemusictogether.nl


e-mail                      : info@makemusictogether.nl


Contactpersoon     : Fardad Etemad  fetemad12@gmail.com

Adres                       : Cultureel Centrum De Plantage

                                   Smitsweg 311

                                   3765 CJ  Soest

Data in 2018 – 2019


Start always at 19.30 till 21.30 hours


Monday 10 December         

Monday 14 January

Monday 11 February

Monday 11 March

Monday 8 April

Monday 13 May

Monday 10 June


July and August Summer-holidays


Monday 9 September

Monday 14 October

Monday 11 November

Monday 9 December